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Buying and owning a building can have a range of benefits that, if planned for correctly, can greatly enhance the financial position of your organization as well as your community, providing stability and a sense of pride.  There are also a number of implications that you and your advisors should be aware of as stewards of the organization when considering what to buy and how to buy it.

Asset potential:  As with any asset, it is important to be aware of the many factors that may impact a property’s value as part of your organization’s overall financial health.  We help you understand how a given property’s liquidity, appreciation potential, income, opportunity cost and your ability to use leverage, interact with your other investments and further your goals.

Diversification:  One of the key factors of any portfolio is how the investments interact with one another.  By incorporating assets such as your real estate holdings along with debt and equity investments as well as donations, grants and awards we can get a clearer picture of the various strengths and weaknesses of your holdings.  We use this information to implement best practices to create your individualized plan and help your organization accomplish its financial goals.  

Opportunity Cost:  Like any large purchase for your organization, it is important to understand what you are buying and what you are potentially giving up.   When looking at real estate it is especially important to consider the alternatives and the strengths and weaknesses of each path your organization could choose.  Whether you are comparing the risks and benefits of renting vs owning, buying one property over another or even how down payment and monthly payment could impact your cash flow and financial health, we can help you work through your options.

By working with our wealth management firm, your non-profit can access our specialized expertise in real estate planning, helping you clearly understand your options, increase your purchasing power, and optimize your overall financial strategy based on your organization’s individual circumstances.

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